All the King's Men is a tower defense game about protecting a Kingdom on the verge of collapse. The Red Army has taken over all 7 Kingdoms and it is up to your King and you to stop their crusade. You will need to band together with the other 7 ruined Kingdoms if you want any shot of winning. 

You will build troops(towers) on a large grid to try and slow down the attacking armies. Each day you will be able to upgrade your Kingdom in different ways. Such as making your King stronger, increasing your resource gathering or having your spells do increased damage the choice is up to you. 

Development log


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Good job self for making this game. Why can I make a comment on my own game.


Fun stuff! Addictive. I made you a lil video: 

thanks for the video. Obviously the game isn’t done but I really appreciate the feedback. I’ll add more feedback on the waves spawning in between the rounds. The dialogue obviously needs work. But I really appreciate the video. Your comment on the axe men was exactly what I wanted. The 0 gold per round menu was an old system that I just haven’t updated yet. 

Ahh ok yeah!  It looked really good too! Np at all < 3